Back of Boat Sales

Buy fresh crays!


Western Rock Lobster are a major sponsor of the Festival and will be offering Back of Boat sales at the Festival.


A Western Rock Lobster initiative to reconnect with the local community, Back of Boat brought back a tradition which had not been possible for over a decade. Reintroduced during the springtime of 2020, the return of back of boat sales saw lobster fishers expressing their joy at being able to meet their customers directly and supply them with delicious lobster straight from the sea.


During the Fremantle Boat and Seafood Festival, visitors will be able to experience Back of Boat sales and see what it is all about as local western rock lobster fishers will be landing live lobster for the public to purchase.  


Follow the signs to the Back of Boat activation behind Little Creatures.


Fresh from the back of the boat!

Mark LeCras recently went out cray fishing with Western Rock Lobster commercial fisher Fedele to give him a hand with the day’s catch. Mark is no stranger to cray fishing and has plenty of tips on catching and cooking and eating them! Don’t forget you can buy fresh crays at this year’s Festival thanks to Western Rock Lobster’s Back of Boat sales!